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The Magic to make Spell bag is a monthly diy spell. A new spell each month! 


What's inside?  

All the ingredients and tools needed to awaken the mind, body and soul.  Subscribe to the  monthly Spell Bag and receive a new spell each month designed to inspire, encourage and guide you to open and release your magical side!

Included is an assortment of items needed to make your magic!  

All of our spells are created with the intensions to bring wellness, rejuvenation, light, balance and positivity.  No dark magic here, no hexing, no banishing! 

when does it ship?

Depending on when you began your subscription your Spell Bag will ship out on the

8th or 22nd of each month.  

Your account will auto bill for $15 each month.

 If you decide to cancel or pause your deliveries,

no worries from us. 

You may cancel or pause at any time. 


Grimoire,  a place to write and keep a record, a journal of your spell work 

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