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 a dose of magic every month! 


Magic To Make

Everyday magic delivered right at your doorstep! A metaphysphical brand all about bringing out the
happy side of you!

Self Love spiritual baths, empowering crystal jewelry, home protection blessings & calming aromatherapy.We have it all to purify your mind body & soul!

Pumpkins and Candles

Let your inner Witch shine this Spooky Season and save 20% off all your purchases through October 31st 

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Crystal Chakra Balancing and Manifestation Kit - Reiki Healing Meditation, Wands. Lightweight, compact, and great for reiki, travel, yoga, mudras, meditation, and balance!

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Click the "Add To Cart" buttom above and get ready to receive a abundance of self care and wellness goodies each month!  Not sure if you want to commit long term, no worries from us at Magic To Make, you can cancel or pause anytime for any reason!  


Each box will contain 6-8 hand-picked items, all meant to help you focus on yourself! The first box will be shipped immediately and will be delivered within the next 3-6 days. All the following boxes will be sent on the 7th or 18th of each month depending on the date of your sign up date and Shipping is always FREE!



A day out the month to fully embrace life, forget about the rest of the world for a bit, and concentrate exclusively on you! Take this time to treat yourself, to allow yourself to feel abundance and you will the  receive it in return. Remember that you deserve nothing but the very best!

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Magic To Make 
Home Protection Blessing Box 

Smudge away negativity and invite in peace and harmony once again!  
Each Blessing Box includes: Californian White Sage,  3pc Palo Santo Wood,
20pc Trunk Tibetan Incense, Selenite Crystal Bar,
Black TourmalineCrystal & Hamsa Evil Eye Keychain 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

who are we?

The power of thought,  the power of will,  the power of you! 
This is where magic begins.  Awareness - Realization - Mindfulness. 
Magic To Make takes the  apothecary approach in teaching anyone who is a little bit curious in spirituality and personal growth. We want to let you see  how easy it is for you to feel empowered and motivated with a little daily dose of crystal energy, selflove rituals and intention setting.