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 And Your Favorite WITCHY  T-Shirts are back!
Order Today And Get Them Today
 ....{well really in 3 to 5 business days, but y'all know what I mean!}   

Spooky Season is here! 


Whether you’re new to the world of metaphysical or have been practicing for years, we’ve got something to pique your curiosity and help you on your journey.

Why Choose Magic To Make? 

At Magic to Make, we believe that magic is all around us, waiting to be discovered.
That’s why we’ve created a service that delivers everyday magic straight to your doorstep.
Our goal is to inspire and delight you with our subscription boxes, filled with unique and
enchanting items that will bring a touch of magic into your life.
We believe in the power of meaningful connections and we are proud to provide ethically
sourced products made by us and partner with local artisans to ensure that each item
is created with love and shipped with care from our Frisco, Texas Studio.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the magic that will make you feel renewed and inspired. Join our community of magic enthusiasts and start your journey today.


You Subscribe

We send you self love products every month thoughtfully selected items to help you relax and appreciate yourself.


We Curate

 We are proud to provide ethically sourced products made by us, and partner with local artisans.
All  designed in finding balance and peace in our lives.


You Receive 

TLC!  Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a regular self-care routine and make it part of your monthly schedule.

Become a Member Today
and receive $3 off each item on your first
purchase of $50 or more! 

Join our email list and get access to specials deals exclusive to our subscribers.

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The power of thought,  the power of will,  the power of you! 


 We believe that the power of the universe is always within our reach and is meant to be used to help us create the life of our dreams.

Our primary focus is showing how you can acheive your greatest potential

through self-love and self-empowerment.


Come explore MAGIC TO MAKE and discover

the power within YOU! 


And,  We have Hand carved one of a kind wands!









Go a head take the wand quiz and see which wand chooses you! 

Because, who dose'nt love a wand, right?

are you ready for your monthly dose of self love? 

Self Love & Self Empowerment! 

The Magic To Make Self Care Box


 A subscription box full of power crystal, gemstone

jewelry, aromatherapy and self-love items delivered

to your doorstep every month! 


Subscribe to our self love subscription service and get access to exclusive self love products! Receive monthly personal care packages. Each month you'll find a new varition of: Power Crystals, Gem Jewelry, Relaxing & Calming Aromatherapy, Tailmans & Spiritual Items, Cleansing Tools and Natural Beauty Products Detailed infomation and monthly affirmation cards are included in every box to help you nurture your body, mind, and spirit.


Get ready to experience a newfound level of self love and appreciation

And Shipping Is Always Free! 

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