Yes, we are sisters and, YES, we have cats! 

Hello there, Thank you for stopping by to find out more about us,  Cynthia and Traci. We are sisters that have after all these years found ourselves, making magic together once again! When the pandemic hit us earlier in the year, we were all forced to shelter in place. Some of us worked from home, while others were furloughed or laid off from our jobs. After weeks of Netflix binging, puzzle making and bread baking, we felt a keen desire to DO something that could give a little happiness and hope in the darkness that was spreading over our world.  We started by putting our favorite self-love and rejuvenation DIY Spell Bags together beginning with a Rejuvenation Spirit Bath, a Personal Power Oil  and a Self-love Bath Ritual. We gave them to our friends and neighbors.  The magic was working, as we knew it would! Magic made with goodness and kindness always has a positive result.  

The next thing you know, we are gathering fallen branches from the Elm and Oak trees where we live in Little Elm Texas, and we started carving wands! 

I don't know if you've ever carved something out of elm or oak before and if you have, you get it!  These trees are so strong and powerful!  The branches are like carving through steel! It's quite amazing! Twelve weeks later,  we had carved, shaped, sanded, polished and embellished over 200 (and still going) one of a kind hand made Magic Wands!  


We launched MAGICTOMAKE.COM October 31st, the night of the last Blue Moon of 2020

We thank you for finding us and hope you are inspired and will share your magic to make with us! 


Zoro and Bombay


Our  Spells Bags and Ritual Boxes

are made to order by us.  Magic can be found in many forms and used for a varied of purposes.  We use the principals of apothecary with our magic.  White magic, magic used for good only.

Our spells, ritual blessings and prayers are created with good vibes and loving intentions with the sole intent to bring wellness, happiness and positivity, made with intentions of light and balance  never to harm or bring about harm or enchantment to another.  

Our mantra is -

 " The Power Of Thought,

The Power of Will,

The Power Of You" 

Magic is that "anything is possible thing" that happens when you believe and then take the action required to manifest it. 

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 One of our biggest passions are Magic Wands

We hand carve, shape and embellish each wand one at a time, letting each wand speak to us and therefore creating a unique

one of a kind crafted wand representing five magical beings.

Are you Fae or Mage? A High Priest or Priestess?

Or perhaps you are a Sorcerer!   

Take our WAND QUIZ to reveal your magical nature. 


Priest / priestess



new projects brewing.... 


Among the many things we are working on is The Magic To Make  Adult Coloring Book,  

'Mystical Creatures Of The Forest' ...here's a little peek inside... 

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elf Flowerwithmoon.tif

NFT - Ditigal Art